“I’m a newly minted Canadian citizen and I am here to make my community and my family proud. As an immigrant, I am no stranger to STRUGGLE before SUCCESS. I have done it for myself, I have done it for my family and I will do it FOR YOU.”

Giving a Voice

I will focus on the affordability and growth related challenges faced by the community in the form of homeowners and business owners alike and give them an equal voice. Affordability and a transparent knowledge about the systems in place and how to navigate them; consequently ensuring Port Coquitlam lays down a strong foundation for all its future generations to live fairly, in equal measure and with the drive to move towards having a strong say in infrastructure and urban development is an important tenet. Keeping the spirit of mom and pop establishments alive, giving more access to diversified business ideas to flourish and ensuring the downtown core is an “Inclusive Hub” for community members of all ages is key. Rezoning and strategic development proposals and their long term effects on the downtown core, financial knowledge, legal ramifications and a clean two-way communication portal regarding city facelifts, upcoming investments into the city and regulations is one of my main executable commitments.

Community Safety

How confident do citizens feel about their safety in the city? What are any upcoming infrastructure decisions regarding social housing? How prepared is the city to protect families as well as public properties? Recent vandalism and serious crimes in play parks close to the downtown core is a massive concern for me, as a parent and a community member. I am prepared to ask hard questions regarding uncomfortable subjects. I want to bring about safety and accessibility in terms of walkways, stronger traffic bylaws, stricter enforcement of traffic bylaws and pedestrian safety and an improved community watch and safety plan.

Data Mapping An Action Plan For Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

Comforting opportunities for children of new immigrants and new families to the city to engage with locals, a peer-to-peer mentorship program for youth, young families, and new parents to understand the community instead of having to figure it out on their own. A calendar of events to support a diverse community and bring people together on frequent occasions.

It is time to accept a bold, brave, world-aware and revolutionary Councilor in the City Council and Mithila Karnik is here to act on her tenets and appeal to the status quo for the better. She is here to continue and assist the legacy of the mayoral office - “Speak what needs to be spoken, do what needs to be done.”