I am someone who fell in love with Port Coquitlam back in 2018 when our house-hunting brought us to this beautifully peaceful, engaging and accepting city. With close to two decades of experience in varying roles within the global creative and entertainment industry, I pride myself on possessing an exemplary work ethic, a “lifelong learner” persona and the love of working with people and for people.

Port Coquitlam is the hallmark of an inclusive community and I want to strive to have it continue its policy of embracing equitable representation. I want to be the voice of all those who call Port Coquitlam home and also those who might be struggling to feel AT HOME.

As an immigrant, I am no stranger to challenges and pitfalls that other candidates may not have experienced and this distinguishes me as an empathetic, discerning, “full of life experience” candidate.

I am here for the long haul! I have a family who is now firmly entrenched in the city - a toddler who loves her easy accessibility to parks, fresh air and the magnificent Recreation Centre, a husband who loves his easy accessibility to parks, fresh air and some amazing breweries and businesses and a dog who loves the fact that he is a mini celebrity in his neighborhood. I mean, who doesn’t know Hagrid the boxer?

I am also an avid reader - I am at 40 plus books read this year already! I have also published my debut children’s picture book and I am insanely proud to say that it is available to borrow at all FVRLs through their Local Indie Author collection.

I am a lover of dance and I’m certified to teach BollyX - a fun, Bollywood music dance fitness program - that’s what got me through my almost lonely pandemic pregnancy!